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What is ColorCalls?

ColorCalls provides a reliable customized notification service designed specifically for individuals who are participating in drug monitoring programs. This service is especially useful for the following programs:

• Random Employee Drug Testing
• Court Ordered Drug Monitoring Programs

Let ColorCalls give you peace of mind.

Life gets busy... Emergencies do come up! By enrolling in ColorCalls, we make sure that you never miss making your daily phone call. Rest easy, knowing that ColorCalls is looking out for you, we make sure you always know whether you’ve been selected or not.

• ColorCalls contacts you daily with the selected color or number of the day.
• We call you directly when your color or number is selected.
• We reduce the risk of missing an ordered drug test.
• We help you successfully complete your program.

It's affordable.

For only $8.95 per month (less than $0.30 a day!), you enjoy freedom and peace of mind, by knowning ColorCalls will contact you with the color or number of the day!

It coudn't be easier.

Simply sign up for ColorCalls, tell us how you would like to be notified daily, by text message, email or both. We call your program number, then notify you the color or number for your program, everyday. If your color or number has been selected, we call you immediately. It’s just that simple!

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